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Monday, October 1, 2012

The recently released Arts & Economic Prosperity IV study reveals that arts and culture organizations in Chicago and their audiences contribute at least $2.2 billion annually to the Chicago economy, illustrating the economic importance of a strong and vibrant nonprofit sector and highlighting the role that ESC plays in nonprofit capacity building. The City of Chicago new Cultural Plan 2012 draft released in August also calls for investment in capacity-building for arts and culture organizations.

The Arts & Economic Prosperity study highlights the following key areas where capacity-building actions could have impact, including:

  • Volunteer Management: The 486 Chicago arts and culture organizations surveyed reported utilizing, on average, 44.8 volunteers each, who each contributed 76.9 hours, for a total of 3,446 hours of volunteer service per organization. Many arts and culture nonprofits depend on volunteers for essential support of productions and service delivery, office administration, communications, fundraising and more. How does your arts organization compare? An efficient volunteer management program ensure effective utilization of sure resources -  request a copy of ESC's free Benchmark Assessment Tool to get started. 
  • Marketing & Communications: The study reveals that 1/3 of arts attendees live outside of Chicago, half of all audiences are under the age of 44, and 1/3 of individuals in arts audiences earn less than $60,000 in household income annually. ESC can help arts organizations know their audience and reach all the segments of it with a strategic marketing and communications plan.
  • Strategic and Business Planning: Arts audience attendees from outside the City of Chicago spend, on average per-person, two-and-a-half times more than local residents ($59.50 compared to $24.36) - work with an ESC consulting team with expertise in maximizing opportunities to take advantage. 

Read More & About the Study 

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV is a national study, the most comprehensive of its kind, reviewing 182 regions in the U.S. It was compiled by Americans for the Arts with generous support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Data collection in Chicago, including surveys of 486 eligible nonprofits arts and culture organizations and over 1,000 arts and culture audiences, was conducted in 2011 by Arts Alliance Illinois

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