ESC's 2014 Annual Report
Monday, June 29, 2015
Making nonprofits successful in today's marketplace is what we do especially well, better than most. How is "success" defined? The answers appear in the words and pictures of ESC clients featured in the latest report from ESC.
In 2014, ESC worked with 134 clients in 158 engagements:
  • "Defining Issues...Formulating Plans"
  • "Finding the Permanent Director...Raising Professionalism"
  • "Improving Performance as a Team"
  • "Saving Time"
  • "Building Capacity...Focusing Energy"
  • "Robust New Mission"
  • "A Practical Roadmap, not Broad Strokes"
In her opening message, ESC Board Chair Toni Smith describes the current market climate, "Nonprofits have not had an easy run the past three years. Operating in Illinois' struggling economy, nonprofit leaders have seen traditional revenue lines decrease with deepening budget challenges and increasing competition for funding and donors."
ESC President & CEO, Pamela Wilcox, previews this year's report, "Each page illustrates ESC's work, the how, the who, and the value involved in guiding individual nonprofit resiliency and success and cumulative social impact. Regard this year's ESC Annual Report as your 'idea book' for the nonprofits you care about." 

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