With the pressures of the current economic environment, many nonprofits are confronting multiple and simultaneous challenges to their program delivery and in some cases even their sustainability. Challenges include drops in investment and contributed income, unexpected leadership transitions, public relations difficulties or lapses in communication with stakeholders, board and staff team instability, struggles with cash flow and financial management, and more.

Let ESC help you tackle your nonprofit's challenges in a strategic, high-impact and immediately responsive fashion for immediate stabilization and long-term success with an Urgent Action Team.

Urgent Action Teams are specially built teams of ESC consultants with proven track records of definitive results. Based on your challenges, ESC will create a team to equip your organization with expertise in finance, human resources, board and team development, facilitation, strategic and business planning, etc. Together you will quickly address key issues and enhance capacity for continuation of service while planning longer term solutions.

ESC is such a resource, we never would have survived this transition without them. They were great throughout the entire process. We had been working on this for two years and ESC was able to help us through it in two months.
–Cynthia Lau, President, Board of Directors of El Hogar Del Niño.

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